POP Culture Summit

iconic32 Pop Culture Summit

Our 2nd Annual iconic32 Pop Culture Summit is scheduled to take place in Spring 2017. We will be posting additional information soon. In the meantime, if you want to be on our mailing list for the Pop Culture Summit, we’ll send you major updates from time to time. Please email us at: infosummit@iconic32.com

If you want to recommend a speaker, please send us a headshot and bio to: summitspeakers@iconic32.com

The Pop Culture Summit

A brief History

Why the Pop Culture Summit Was Created

To create a curated space for conscious creatives, entrepreneurs, thinkers, influencers, techies, artists, fashionistas, musicians, filmmakers, content creators + more – to come together to inspire and be inspired; to share, teach, learn + co-create through the lens of pop culture + social good.

About The Pop Culture Summit

The iconic32 Pop Culture Summit is a first-of-its-kind gathering where pop culture stars come together to raise money, share knowledge and co-create for social good. It’s a new type of experiential and fundraising platform that raises awareness and financial resources for various causes, while providing the space for conscious creatives across various pop culture disciplines (music, film, fashion, technology / digital, art /arts, photography and sports) to come together to share knowledge and co-create alongside renowned influencers, celebrities and YouTubers/Viners/digital influencers - in order to explore the role of and define the future of pop culture as a change agent for social good.

Who is Pop Culture Summit For?

Attendees include established pop culture influencers and entrepreneurs, marketing executives, digital stars - as well as other creatives who aspire to be part of pop culture in music, film, fashion, TV, technology / digital, art + the arts, photography and sports. The common thread is that all these individuals not only want to innovate in their fields, they want to innovate in order to make the world a better place by integrating social consciousness into their respective crafts.
Our core target audience / attendee is 15-35 year olds, including anyone that wants to get more deeply embedded and knowledgeable about youth + pop culture.
In 2015, attendees and presenters at the Pop Culture Summit included high school and university students, academia personnel, marketing executives from global brands, entertainment executives, visual designers, regional politicians, professional and former athletes, award-winning musicians, filmmakers and actors, entrepreneurs from different pop culture industries, coders, fashion designers, non-profit practitioners, artists, digital provocateurs, motivational speakers and more.

Featured Speakers from our 2015 Summit

Meet the creative rebels who are championing social good.